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We are an enterprising young company born of our belief that Albany deserves an intelligent, easily searchable online guide to local restaurant menus.

We had spent too many nights thumbing through phone books, having to call to find out who was open, or searching online sites that were too broad or too scattered to be comprehensive, or too narrow and blatantly promotional to be useful. So we designed a site that is searchable, accurate, and most of all, thorough - our website is free for users and free for restaurants, allowing us to offer more menus than any other site out there. In fact, if you are aware of an Albany restaurant whose menu we don't currently have, email us and well pay you $20 just for letting us know!

Albanytakeout.com is locally managed, locally owned and maintained by the very same friendly people who use the site on a daily basis. We hope that you not only find the food you're looking for, but that our search system might help you find exceptional local restaurants that you may not have enjoyed yet.

It is one of our greatest pleasures to know that our service might help bring our hungry friends of Albany closer to the wealth of food available in our community, and all the hard-working, entrepreneurial restaurateurs of Albany closer to their new-found customers.

As always, we remain committed to improving our service. If there is something we can do better for you, drop us a line at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!